Terms & Conditions

1. Dates are reserved only with a nonrefundable retainer/deposit of 50% of the package total (unless otherwise specified), paid by PayPal, cash or cashiers check on date of the signing of contract. The retainer will apply toward the contracted services listed. All cancellations must be made in writing by the contracting party. In the event of cancellation, any amounts paid over and above the nonrefundable retainer will be returned, less liquidated charges for services rendered up to that date.

2. At any event requiring services of the photographers/assistants for over 4 hours, the contracting party will provide a meal. Please ensure that you have made this arrangement with your coordinator/caterer. If no arrangements are made, it will result in your vendors needing to leave the property to purchase food.

3. Missed payments and no signed contract will result in forfeiting the contracted date and retainer/deposit.

4. Once a service is chosen or an order is placed and all necessary payments made, the sale is final and nonrefundable. No verbal changes will be accepted. Any schedule or order changes must be documented, submitted in writing, and signed by both the contracting party and the studio for confirmation and mutual authorization.

5. Client will be notified upon completion of the digital preview and of the final order.

6. Client must acknowledge that they have received, read, and understand Lavish Touch’s current price list, which is incorporated in photography quote.

7. All finished digital images will be transferred to client gallery, unless noted by the contracting party. Videos will be delivered via electronic transfer, unless noted otherwise.

8. Proof images will be available for viewing online within 5 business days. Final images will be available within 20 business days. Videos will be delivered within 3 weeks.

9. Federal Copyright Laws preserve the right to exclusive use of negatives, digital files, and reproductions for Lavish Touch Photography. The studio shall only make reproductions for the client, client’s family, friends, or acquaintances, or for the Photographer’s portfolio, samples, self-promotions, entry into photographic contests or art exhibitions, editorial use, or for display within or outside the studio. If the studio desires to make other uses, the studio shall not do so without first obtaining the written permission of the client. All photographs are copyrighted. It is illegal to reproduce professional photographs without consent from Lavish Touch Photography. If the package chosen contains a disc of all images, you have the right from Lavish Touch Photography to reprint these at any location desired.

10. Lavish Touch shall be the exclusive photographer retained by the client for the purpose of photographing the wedding or event here specified. Due to limited time restriction of the event, family and friends of the client shall be permitted to photograph the wedding/event as long as they do not interfere with the photographer’s duties and do not photograph poses arranged by the photographer.

11. Lavish Touch cannot be held responsible for lack of coverage resulting from weather conditions or schedule complications caused by, but not limited to, anyone in or at the event, or by the church/synagogue restrictions. Due to the fact that weddings/parties are uncontrolled events, we cannot guarantee any specific photograph, pose, or the final photographic results. We will, however, attempt to honor special requests. Lavish Touch may substitute another photographer to take photographs in the event of illness or inability to perform. In case of such substitution, Lavish Touch warrants that the substituting photographer shall be a competent professional.

12. If Lavish Touch cannot perform photography agreement due to a fire or other casualty, act of God, photographers’ illness, failure of transportation, or equipment, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, the studio shall return deposits made by the client but shall have no further liability with respect to the agreement. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost in shipping, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on part of the studio. In the event the photographer fails to perform for any other reason, the studio shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the client’s order.

13. Lavish Touch takes utmost care with respect to the exposure, development, storage, and delivery of photographs. If Lavish Touch cannot comply with the terms of this contract, its liability is limited to a refund of the monies paid.

14.The contracting party agrees to pay all legal fees, attorney’s fees, and cost that may be incurred in the process of collection of any or all of the unpaid balance owed to Lavish Touch Photography, LLC.

15. If a court or proper jurisdiction rules that one or more provisions of this agreement are invalid, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in force.