Love, Basketball & She said Yes!!



Ashanti and Danny’s Love Story!


Part 1: The Beginning!

Danny and Ashanti first met at a basketball camp, Ashanti hosted through her nonprofit organization. Danny attended the event because he was on a mission to seek new opportunities to grow as a speaker. They were mutually introduced to one another by a friend, and Danny was intrigued to find Ashanti was single, God-fearing and a baller! Ashanti was not looking for a relationship, however she noticed there was something different about him, and his interactions with the children and staff at the camp! At the end of camp, Danny knew he wanted to get know her better and took the opportunity to ask her for her number, before she walked out of the door! Ashanti was impressed by his boldness and gave him her number to see to what he was “REALLY” about! Weeks later they started to hang out and get to know each other better! The realized they were two different people and had different personalities, but also realized they had a lot of common core values and shared interest.  They completed a 30-day challenge of seeing one another every day, to see if they could potentially live together and spend the rest of our lives together. A strong friendship developed, and they knew it was time to take their relationship to another level of commitment. After months of dating, their relationship became more serious and Danny prepped for the engagement!

Part 2: The Proposal!


Ashanti planned a trip to visit her family and friends! She wanted Danny to accompany her, and he knew it was the perfect opportunity to propose! Danny told her parents and they assisted in preparation, which took the occasion to another level! Ashanti’s mother took her to a pretend place and had to come back home to get something she forgot! Little did Ashanti know; she would walk into a moment that would change her life! As she walked in, the tune of Stevie Wonder, “Ribbon in the Sky” played in the background.

Lights! Camera! Action!  Danny led her to a chair and began to sing. After the song, he read a poem he wrote for her and popped the question. “Will you marry me?” After the YES! She received the bling!



Part 3: When they knew they were meant for each other!


Ashanti and Danny’s talents, giftings, and God given purposes intertwined and complimented each other. They saw this as confirmation they would make a great team! Before they met, they were praying for certain qualities in a future spouse. After spending time, they realized they met each other’s standards and specific qualifications they were looking for! They challenged and pushed one another in every area in their life. They began talking about serious issues before being in a serious relationship, but in the process growing together, they pushed each other to the next level and did not allow one another to be complacent. After several months of tough conversations and challenging confrontations, they knew they were people who wanted to grow and bring the best out of one another!




Part 4: Going into the wedding planning process what they knew!


They knew wedding planning was going to be a challenge, but it was a task that would make them stronger! They knew they would have to work as a team to accomplish the task of wedding planning and have clear communication on how to get certain tasks completed! Lastly, they knew they would have to set a specific budget and be proactive in finding the right people to help!



Part 5: What surprised Ashanti and Danny about wedding planning?


There were two things that stood out the most!

  • How challenging it was to stay within budget.
  • The amount of support received from people.


Part 6: What advice they would  give couples planning weddings?


  • Have a sense of peace. Don’t over stress yourself because it will all come together. Even though it is an important day, don’t lose your sense of peace and well-being over one day. Enjoy the process and intentionally see if your marriage can grow and become better through the wedding planning process. Use the wedding planning process as a tool to better your communication skills with your spouse. Use the wedding planning process to work on areas in your future marriage that need sharpening. Conflict resolution, compromises, communication, planning, organizing, are all areas that you can work on that will strengthen your future marriage.
  • Have a wedding planner or someone who can organize and manage your wedding on the big day. You need someone to be able to reach out to your vendors and help the wedding process become smoother so the weight isn’t solely on your shoulders. Get support it’s worth it!
  • Start knocking out the big tasks for your wedding early.
  • Be willing to compromise and mutually come to a middle ground on items you want for the wedding.
  • Set a budget early and have clear financial wedding goals. Your budget is your foundational tool that will anchor your wedding process on what you can afford and what you can’t.