Steve & Brittany Yacht Wedding

<3 Steve & Brittany Love Story <3
Steve and Brittany met through a business connection on LinkedIn. He initially reached out to her for Marketing/ Public Relations for his lifestyle fitness brand but after working together, they developed a great friendship and eventually started dating.
How did he propose?
The proposal was a total surprise! He told me that we were going to the restaurant we went went to for Valentine’s one day after work. After ordering our food, he told me he left his phone in the car and said he was going to get it. When he came back he had flowers in one hand and the ring in the other! Afterwards we went on a beautiful ferris wheel ride. :)
How was your experience planning your wedding?
Going into the wedding planning, I knew from the beginning that wanted to have my ceremony waterside and yacht reception. I love being connected to nature so I wanted my wedding to include that, also one of our favorites dates was a dinner cruise so it was also something very meaningful to us because we both felt it was the day we both knew we were meant for each other. I looked at a lot of options but decided on going with the Infinity & Ovation Yacht Charter.
Any advice for couples planning their wedding?
The care that goes into the fine details of a wedding is something I learned very quickly! Working in Marketing/Public Relations, I’ve planned a number of corporate and social events and planned my wedding myself. I thought that wedding planning would be similar but it was completely different but I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I knew how important a day-of coordinator was. I enjoyed planning through-out the process but being the bride and trying to make phone calls and orchestrate the ceremony while getting ready was A LOT!
Any advice for couples planning their wedding?
My best advice for couples planning weddings now is to: 1. Plan early so that you can enjoy the days leading up to the wedding rather than running around to do last minute errands, 2. Stay organized as possible, make check-lists, inspiration boards, day-of schedules/timelines so you don’t forget any details, and try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy your day! The only thing I would have done differently is the early morning wedding, I would have done an afternoon. The morning felt rushed and didn’t give us a lot of time to get ready.
Wedding Venue: Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters

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