Kristie Kennedy | Women’s Worth and Wellness Expert

Kristie Kennedy is a Licensed Image Enhancement Consultant and Certified Women’s Worth and Wellness Expert, who provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives and business owners. She is skilled in four areas of personal development: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging and potential maximization. Ms. Kennedy has a passion for motivating leaders who have reached a plateau with success keys to turn their can’ts into cans and their dreams into plans. She is a dynamic 21st century global impact speaker who empowers timid women ready to re-design their life and play by the rules they write. Her life is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one bold action step at a time.
Queenfidence Image Consulting is the superior choice for personal development and peak performance for female leaders. We teach women how to look the part, be the part and get the part. We believe a voiceless woman is a powerless woman. Queenfidence is a powerful state of living and an eternal way of being. Queenfidence Image Consulting empowers fearful women with confidence keys to find their voice, free their voice and look fabulous using their voice.

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