Josh and Kelly Engagement Photos

<3 Josh & Kelly Love Story <3

We met for the first time through a mutual friend (Josh’s best friend since they were kids who was my coworker) over a game of darts and reconnected by chance one year later. We knew we were meant to be together when we were living in this little tiny town in Missouri but cooking in the kitchen and slow dancing to “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison.
How did Josh propose?
So we were packing up our house and getting ready to head to a going away party and I came downstairs after getting ready, he kept trying to trick me and have me look in one of our packing totes……telling me there was a spider I should see. Like most girls am not a fan of spiders and told him he should just throw it outside but he was persistent that I look. So tentatively he lifted the top of the tote and the little chalkboard we usually write daily love notes/well wishes on had “Will you marry me?” on it. He got down on one knee, our dog Marley jumped up and leaned over his knee and he pulled out a ring!
How has your experience been with planning your wedding?
We are still in the midst of wedding planning but we know we want it to be low key with a nice laid back feel. Like being at a mini music festival with lots of fairy lights and shoes not required. We were surprised at how many of our awesome friends/family are excited and willing to throw in ideas and help in planning the wedding! Probably because it’s been such a long time coming! 😉


Any advice for couples planning their wedding?
Make the wedding your own! Don’t do anything because it’s “traditional” or because you think people will expect it or judge you if you have enough flowers or party favors or whatever. It’s your day and your party……enjoy it and make it your own! We are still in the midst of planning but so I’m sure we will find something we would’ve done differently but so far it’s a fun adventure!

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